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Philips 458489 Hue Bridge - Frustration Free Packaging, 2nd Generation

With The Bridge, You Can Control Your Lights Remotely Or Link Them Up To The Rest Of The Web, Newsfeeds Or Even Your Own Inbox.New and enhanced Hue bridge with increased internal storage for added functionalityWorks with HomeKit for Apple iPhone integration (IOS 9 users only).Control your lights with Siri voice control. Turn your existing Hue lights into HomeKit controllable lights and discover exciting new uses through 3rd party Homekit appsWith the bridge, you can expand your Hue ecosystem and..

Rs. 6,180.75 Rs. 6,080.25 Ex Tax: Rs. 6,080.25

Philips 915005240601 2m Hue Lightstrip Plus Base (White Ambience)

Single pack includes one lightstrip. Requires a hue starter kit or compatible bridge for dimming and smart control.Length: 2mWarranty: 2 years on product from date of invoiceIncludes: Hue Lightstrip Plus BaseCan be extended with lightstrip plus extensionsWorks with Amazon Echo, Apple Homekit and Google HomeBest suited for cove lightingOne 2-mtr Philips hue lightstrip plus base, 2nd generation..

Rs. 7,230.98 Ex Tax: Rs. 7,230.98

Philips Hue Beyond Table Lamp without Bridge (White Ambience, Color Ambience)

Philips Hue beyond table lamp includes an up light and down light for functional lighting and an endless mix of colorsGives you total control over your lighting from your smart phone or tablet - even when you're away from homeThrough your smart device, set timers and alarms, connect to a variety of apps and dim the light (cannot be used with conventional dimmers)Control up to 50 Hue products on a single Philips Hue bridge (compatible with zigbee certified and wink network products)Single pack in..

Rs. 23,109.98 Ex Tax: Rs. 23,109.98

Philips Hue Go (White Ambience, Color Ambience)

Hue Go is the most versatile light in your home, its portability allows you to bring light to any space in your home in new creative ways You can detach Hue. Go from its power source and it becomes a portable light that can be carried anywhere in your home It can be controlled from the Hue app or conveniently with the controls on the light. Simple controls allow you to press a button to browse through the seven preset light settings, or pick your favourite color from the color loop function. Can..

Rs. 9,039.98 Rs. 6,582.75 Ex Tax: Rs. 6,582.75

Philips Hue Lightstrip Starter Kit Gen1.0 (White Ambience, Color Ambience)

Philips hue bridge (included). Lets you link up to 50 hue bulbs and lightstrip and bloom luminaires (2 LightStrip luminaires included) for simple wireless control via a compatible hue-enabled phone or tablet. 12 watt of power. Deliver the equivalent of a 15 watt incandescent light bulb for a high level of efficiency. Create and save scenes Using 16 million colors of light or photos stored on compatible devices, so you can highlight walls, furniture, architectural features and more. 120 lumens of..

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Philips Hue Starter Kit with 10-Watt E27 Bulb (White Ambience, Color Ambience)

Simple and smart, Hue lux bulbs produce beautiful warm white light that can be brightened and dimmed to suit any occasion. Also, put Hue lux in your bathroom, your kitchen, hallway, your living room or anywhere else. A starter pack includes three bulbs that simply screw into your existing lamps, and a bridge that you plug into your home Wi-Fi router. Simply download the hue app to start experiencing light in a completely new way.Philips hue signals a new era in home lighting both in the way we t..

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